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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Seniors Can Apply for Veterans Benefits

The Veteran Administration provides financial assistance to low income elderly and senior veterans. These benefits can help cover basics such as insurance, medical expenses, groceries or home care services. The VA offers Veterans Benefits such as Veteran's Pension and an Aid & Assistance package.

Requirements include:
- 90 days of active duty and a minimum of 1 day during a wartime period
-Must be 65+ or recieving SSI
-Countable income below Maximum Annual Pension Rate
-Aid and Attendance Benefits only offered to those who require in-home living assistance from another individual.

This can be a confusing process for elders who are unfamiliar with the process. A-1 Home Care provides free consulting assistance to elderly veterans who are interested in applying for benefits. Seniors needing Senior Care, Companion Care, or other facets of care should feel free to call us today for free counseling.

Call (562) 929- 8400 for talented caregivers.
Visit A-1 Home Care  to learn about our wonderful caregivers.

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