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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Have you ever considered 24 hour care?

We understand that there are many seniors who live alone at home and that can sometimes be dangerous. Accidents or certain accidents can occur and is preferable that your loved one has someone in sight in order to assist them in such situations.  A-1 Home Care offer Elderly Care and can help find the right care giver to assist you or your loved one. 

A-1 Home care provides 24 HourCare more medical as well as non-medical in-home services. Regardless of the situation, A-1 Home Care has many services that can be beneficial to you and your loved one. We offer elder care, After Surgery Care, Hospice Care and many more. Our professional care givers will assist you or your loved one with any type of necessities such as meal prepping, laundry, light house cleaning, bathing, feeding and other daily needs. If needed, Care givers can help administer proper care and can assist as home helpers and can help in personal services. Even if you don’t need assistance with any of our services, A-1 Home Care can pair you up with a care giver that can serve as a great companion. 

For more information on 24 hour care Call (562) 929- 8400 for care givers or 
Visit A-1 Home Care.

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